Honda Grom 2017 Review, Price & Specs

2017 can be the time for Honda. They have just released the latest wild beast in motor cycle version. This is Honda groom 2017 which is famous with monkey version. That is right since a person who rides this bike will have a position like a little monkey. Having this title, this sport vehicle is not just the label. This has plenty of parts that make it better than others. Generally, the most remarkable change through history is the front part and the engine. This is empowered by the chassis for the LED super shine. This new dress gives the fundamental looks as the aggressive sport bike.


Comparing to Honda Groom cc in 70s and 80s, Honda groom is absolutely different. Special for this version, Honda has been equipped the engine with 124.9 cc air cooled and single cylinder of four stroke. Also, this quality is supported by the PGM-FI with the enrichment automatically. This will decrease the waste and the usage of gasoline more efficient. Hence, it is claimed as the friendliest fuel in its level rather than Kimco Kawasaki. In detail, the drive train has some specific things such as four speed and final drive chain. This leads the transmission gives the best performances on the durability rather than the conventional motorcycle.

Chassis and Suspension

To support its performance, the entire body and suspension are really adjustable. For the front suspension, it uses 31 mm which can be inverted to be 3.9 inches. For the rear suspension, it takes a single shock made from the single box section in the number 4.1 inches. Those part is occupied the hydraulic of the brake using dual piston caliper system. They are divided with 220 mm disc for front and 190 mm for rear.

Economical Fuel

Another detail is the fuel tank. This can be fulfilled with 1.45 gallons. Based on EPA, the exhaust emission still under measurement and it is not dangerous for the environment even the test procedure only for the comparison. Therefore, the actual distance for that measurement is quite complicated. Honda 2017 undeniable link that the variety mileage might be influenced the vehicle condition, weather, road, the pressure, installation, cargor, rider, passenger weight, and another X factor.

Right now, 2017 Honda Grom for sale is available on four color variations. They are matte gray metallic, bright yellow, pearl red and pearl white. All of them use the Model of ID which has met the current model of CARB for California. Even though they are similar, they differ only on the equipment and the exhaust emission.

If we want to purchase groom 2017, we have to prepare budget and try to make survey in some dealers. Based on the official announcement, 2017 Honda Groom price is $3,199 approximately. That has already included the license, tax, registrations, and dealer installation. Following that price tag, the factory offers some warranties that allow the bike in prior condition during a year. Honda provides the unlimited for mileage service and the extended coverage of protection plan.

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