2019 Baby Acura NSX: Specs, Design and Price

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According to the latest reports, Honda is going to introduce one more sports car in next two years. Well, not exactly Honda, but its luxury division. The actual name of the future roadster is unknown at the moment, yet since it will resemble the NSX supercar, some of the most prominent car media calls it the 2019 Baby Acura NSX. Judging by the name, the interesting vehicle will arrive sometime in 2018, most likely in the first quarter.

2019 Baby Acura NSX

2019 Baby Acura NSX: Styling and Platform Details

There is a big possibility that there will be no the 2019 Baby Acura NSX at all. As far as we know, the upcoming sports car might be the successor of the iconic S2000. This also means it won’t have Acura’s badge either. Still, we would like the see the Acura, because than the car will definitely have only the premium features.

The exterior design will be based on the NSX supercar for sure. Of course, the 2019 Baby Acura NSX will have notably smaller footprint, which will on the other hand make it more dynamic. In the front, the roadster will sport highly-aggressive styling cues with wide and really low hood. Both, the headlights and grille will be borrowed from the bigger brother, while the air intakes might be reduced a bit. Around back, the car will look very handsome too. It will borrow the taillights from the NSX, but the rear hatch will be totally different, and less dramatic. Under the skin, the model will use lightweight materials, so the curb weight should be below 3,000. Except of the aluminum frame, there will be lots of carbon-fiber parts.

Inside, the Baby NSX will be almost identical as the new Civic Type R, but more refined. The Japanese car manufacturer will add a large 7.0-inch touchscreen for virtual gauges, as well as one more screen for the infotainment system. The seat will be very sporty, and probably leather-upholstered. Of course, Acura won’t miss the chance to make it in two tones.

2019 Baby Acura NSX interior

Roadster With A Hybrid Drivetrain

The 2019 Baby Acura NSX will surely have a mid-engine layout, but also a hybrid. According to our insider, the drivetrain will combine a turbocharged, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors. Now, the gasoline mill will produce around 330 horsepower and will power the rear wheels, while the pair of el. motors turns the front axle. Together, the powertrain will be able to deliver 400 horsepower, which is quite impressive.

Estimated Price

The mini-supercar will not be expensive as the bigger brother, but it will be in the same segment as the Porsche Cayman. This means the starting price could be around $95,000.

Source : www.2018hondamodels.com

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