2018 Honda HRV Crossover Review

Honda always produces new cars every year. In 2017, they also update their cars. Even more, they have planned to launch the future cars including 2018 Honda HRV. This car is hoped to be able to compete with the other competitors next year. Because it is not launched yet, many people do not know about the specs. Therefore, this article will discuss about the review of rumored specs as detail as possible. So, pay attention to the following discussion below.

2018 Honda HRV Engine Redesign

The first Honda HRV redesign relates to engine. There will be 2 options of engine in offer. The first is 1.8 liter engine inline 4 for the North American model. This engine is able to provide up to 154 horsepower. Besides that, this car will also offer up to 143 pounds feet of torque. This engine will come with either CVT or 6 speed of manual transmission. This performance is good enough for the future car. So, it can meet the expectation of the customers of Honda car.

The second option of engine is 1.5 liter engine inline 4. Honda HRV engine is for European and also other car markets. This engine is also powerful where it can deliver up to 123 horsepower. Besides that, it will also offer 120 pounds feet of torque. In addition, this engine will come with manual transmission. The manual transmission is also offered for the United States car market. Considering the engine above, it will sound similar to 2018 Honda CRV redesign. So, it is your decision whether you will buy this car or not. However, I’m sure that this future car will not disappoint the buyers.

2018 Honda HRV Design Changes

In relation to the design, 2018 HRV will offer some changes. Based on the type, it belongs to crossover. This crossover will come with the similar features to what Honda Fit offers. One of the changes is on the roof where it applies moon roof system. It is integrated with the glass material. Besides that, you will also find new updated grille that is more modern. Then, the bumpers are also redesigned well. You can also find the changes on the lighting where it will use LED lamps including the headlights and the taillights. For the wheelbase, it will offer 17 inch dimension.

Moved to inside of the car, you will find the more comfortable cabin. The techs are also more than standard. It means 2018 HRV will apply high quality techs. For example, it will offer new infotainment systems. Besides that, it also comes with techs that can be connected with phone. Then, it also offers some features related to the comfort, entertainment, and safety. So, it is predicted to be able to lead the crossover market in 2018. If you are also sure, it will be a good idea to plan buying this future crossover.

2018 Honda HRV Price

The launching will be at the same time with Honda CRV 2018 release date where it is predicted to be in the first quarter of 2018. So, you can prepare the money first. The base model may be at about $ 20,000 but the higher models are also available with much higher prices. Anyway, this new Honda HRV will be a great option to consider.

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