2018 Honda Fit Hybrid Release Date & Changes

If you want to have an amazing hybrid car, 2018 Honda Fit can be your best choice. 2018-year edition is the third edition of Honda Fit with much changes and improvements. When you have been fully satisfied with the previous edition, 2018 edition will make you more satisfied. You will be amazed with its newest interior part and accessories. Engine, handling works and braking are all improved. Your drive will also be ultra safe with its brand new improved safety features. Don’t ever deny Fit’s performance; it is totally breathtaking and satisfying.

New Engine System

Honda Fit has a great engine for its new system. 1.5 L 4 cylinders Atkinson engine have empowered the previous edition. It is a brand-new engine with rotating new transmission. It is also expected to empower this year edition. It has incredible mileage that has been prepared previously and some more miles are added. Fit’s engine will be paired with 7-speed double transmission box that brings more 130 hp for its front wheels. Furthermore, the resulted torque will be 115 lb-ft. 6-speed CVT transmission is also expected. The other expected engine is 1.3-L petrol engine that leads this car to reach 130 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque.

Changes in Interior and Exterior

It has been mentioned previously that 2018 Honda Fit has more improvement and change in engine and interior. Assist features such as hill start, ESS, start/stop are available to complete its safety feature like airbags and city break active system. The seats are wrapped by leather while the air-conditioning system is revisited. The result? It is totally comfortable to have a trip with Honda Fit. Moreover, your trip will be fun with its more improved entertainment features. It also has more connectivity features like touch-screen, Bluetooth, and USB. A big LCD display is held on its dashboard to show you more specific features on your car. The audio features are also improved as the door panels are refreshed and revisited.

More Details about Fit

For this year edition, Honda Fit has a larger body than its precursor. However, the elevation is the same. It is 1.6 inches shorter but 0.3 inch bigger. It has shorter greenhouse with glass-to-body ratio that is lowered significantly. It makes Fit looks engorged and considerable. It is also sizable that it only weighs 2572 pounds. The chassis is playful for an economical stuff-shuffler.

Honda Fit has extended its wheelbase for 1.2 inches as the shorter trailing arms for its back suspension are upgraded. The rear seats are 4.8 inches that is close to Audi A8s and BMW 7-series, or one-size-up Civic. The rear seat, with this length, provides more legroom that lets the rear passenger be relaxed during the trip. Meanwhile, the back seat is decreased to 17 cubic. It is 21 cubic previously. However, it is still bigger than its rival. The panels are rush boast luxurious soft-touch as well as the doors. Those parts have matte-finish “fauxluminum” that flourishes tone to air vents, doorway, and dashboard. No wonder people have such a great expectation toward this 2018 Honda Fit. Just wait and see. The price starts at $16, 315.

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