2018 Honda CR-V Review

Today, crossover is very popular. There are always new crossovers every year. Even more, there are some rumors that talk about 2018 Honda crossover. If you are interested in crossover and want to find the best future crossover from Honda, 2018 Honda CR-V can be a good choice. Is it really reasonable to be one of the best choices? We will know it after paying attention to the rumors of review in this article below.

2018 Honda CR-V Exterior Design

We will talk about 2018 Honda CRV redesign from the exterior. Honda crossover come with more upscale as well as sportier design and look so that more people will be attracted to this car. It can be seen from the bigger and more aggressive grille that comes with longer hood. Besides that the changes also include the bumpers that are updated. Then, you can also find that it comes with vertical taillights that look more attractive. In addition, the tires offered have 103.1 inches of wheelbase. Overall, the exterior design will not be disappointing.

2018 Honda CR-V Engine and Specs

Talking about the engine, this next generation Honda CRV 2017 will have some options. For the base model, it will use 4-cylinder and 2.4 liter engine that will be able to produce up to 186 horsepower as well as 182 pounds feet of torque. Besides, there are also EX, EX-L and also touring models that will be powered by 4-cylinder 1.5 liter engine. This engine is able to deliver up to 193 horsepower as well as 181 pounds feet of torque. Even more, there is also a rumor that this future Honda crossover have hybrid engine but it is still predicted.

Those who believe that Honda CRV 2018 come with hybrid engine say that this car will use a hybrid drive-train from 2.0 liter gasoline burning with 4 cylinder engine and also 2 electric motors. It purposes to make this care earth friendly and more fuel efficient. Still from the rumors, the engines will be paired with variable auto transmission. For the wheel drive, it is also standard and AWD will also be available for the top model. So, just choose the model based on the engine offered.

2018 Honda CR-V Interior Design

You will see the class of this crossover when you enter the interior of CR-V. You can see it from the materials that come with high quality. For example, the seats are not only comfortable but also very elegant. Besides that, there are also some features that can be enjoyed such as 7 inch screen that runs Android OS with satellite navigation, advanced sound system, Android vehicle and Apple CarPlay. There are also Myriad security and safety functions that become the best rank safety feature. And there are still many other features applied IN 2018 crossover.

2018 Honda CR-V Price and Release Date

Many people believe that this crossover will come in December in 2017. So, we have to be patient to wait for this car. For the price, the base LX model may be from about $ 25,000 whereas the Touring trim can be up to $ 33,000. Anyway, if you look for a 2018 crossover, Honda CR-V will be your best option to consider.

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