2018 Honda Civic Type R Price

Are not you becomes excited since there will be the next 2018 Honda Civic type R this upcoming year? It is really good news that people hear as Honda has not made the R type several years ago. Of course this car can be expected to have a solid body with mutually premium design which is better than the previous series. Many people have been patiently waited the real appearance of this car since long ago especially after the prototype of this car has been introduced in Paris not a long ago. Then what kind of things that people can expect from this new car? Here are several issues.

The Body Design of Honda Civic R

It can be said from the basic look of the prototype that this Civic R has marvelous body shape. You can guess that the style will not be far from the prototype which is already wonderful. The concept of this car has been renewed, leaving a fancy prototype that will make everyone feel amaze beyond the other previous series. Just by looking at the exterior, it can be seen that there will be several difference and features addition on this series like the rear spoiler that will be more fabulous, the side skirts, fronts splitter and others that will brighter than before.

The Specifications of Honda Civic R

2018 Honda Civic type R specs still not informed yet by Honda yet you can expect that this Honda Civic will have four wheel drives with potentially huge performance with the latest engine system. The issues say this car will use 2.0 L with 4 – cylinder and direct fuel injection system. The VTEC engine technology can also be attached there to complete the turbo charged. This power-train presents a huge power of horse-power up to 320 hp while the torque lifted in around 295 lb-ft of torque.

There is a feature tech that makes it looks perfects. That is the dual axis strut front suspension that comes with adaptive dampers. Honda type R USA release date still not announce yet people can think about the design of this Honda Civic type R as it will be completed with several new thing like the wheel. The wheels of this attest version will have a bigger size than the previous ones. The wheels are informed to have more than 20 inches or even 19 inches which is already be put down on the previous series.

Out of that this car will have 4 piston calipers and other new features on the exterior body. With this all new sides of sporty and elegant sedan car, some of you may think about where this car will be firstly released. For you who live in around North America, this is really great news for you since the Civic type R will be announced officially firstly in North America. So those who live there can try and buy this sedan car one step earlier than any other country.

Meanwhile many people still think about Honda Civic type R price list, you can predict that this car will have be priced at around $38.000 or more. This car is a well—waited car that supposed to be stay in your garage car. Just looking at the body prototype, the engine system, and the features, this car is highly expected to show a brilliant performance which is better than the previous. 2018 Honda Civic type R is an impressive car that will come with magnificent performance just like the body design.

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