2018 Honda Civic SI Changes And Improvements

Honda is one of the most popular car companies in the world. Every year, they launch new cars with new features. The hottest rumor is that they prepare to launch 2018 Honda Civic SI. However, it will not be available in this year but next year. Meanwhile, there are so many people who wait for the rumor of its specs. Compared to Honda Civic SI 2017 specs, there are some improvements that you need to know. So, for more detailed specs, you can see from the following review below.

2018 Honda Civic SI Exterior Design

Talking about this future car will be better from the exterior design. Honda Civic SI will have some changes. For example is the headlights that will come with full LED lamps. Besides that, it will also come with 19 inch wheels. Then, you can also notice the changes from the rear bumper, grille, and taillights. And there are still some other changes. All the changes above make this car look more impressive and sportier. Therefore, it is not shocking that there will be so many buyers come.

2018 Honda Civic SI Interior Design

The first impression when you enter this new car is comfort. Some rumors say that this car will focus on the comfort first including the seats and steering wheels. However, it does not mean that this car will rule out other aspects. It will come with 7 inch display that is multifunction to add prevent the people bored. It also applies digital speedometer and rev that provide information completely. Cruise control, auto braking system, etc are also applied to add the safety. Overall, 2018 Civic SI will be satisfying on both exterior and interior.

2018 Honda Civic SI Engine

This car will come in various models so that the engine may also be different. For example, Honda Civic type R 2018 is the base model that will be powered by 4 cylinder and 1.5 liter engine. It is VTEC turbo powerplant that can generate up to 243 horsepower as well as 183 pounds feet of torque. This engine is paired with 6 speed precise gearbox. However, Civic SI is still a rumor so that we are allowed to expect more powerful engine.

2018 Honda Civic SI Prices

Talking about 2018 Honda Civic SI price, you have to know that different models will have different prices. The base model of this new car will be priced from about $ 25,000. However, there are some other models that will be priced much more expensive up to $ 40,000 or even higher. So, just choose the most appropriate one for your need. You should also adjust it to your budget.

2018 Honda Civic SI Release Date

If you are interested in this new car, you cannot buy it in this year. Even though it is possible that this car will be released in the end of this year, however the strongest belief is that 2018 Honda Civic SI will be released in the early of next year.

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