2018 Honda Accord Sport Release Date

Honda Accord is well known as one of the best sedan cars in the world. The hottest rumor is that there will be 2018 Honda Accord Sport. This rumor makes so many people curious about this future car. That is why it becomes one of the most awaited cars even though we have to wait for it until next year. Even though the fixed specs are not announced yet, however there are various rumors that can be our measurements. This review below may be the images how this future car will come.

2018 Honda Accord Sport Exterior and Interior Changes

Talking about its exterior, there will certainly be some changes. The easiest thing to notice is the sleek profile that comes with arching roofline which merges into aggressively sloping rear window smoothly. Besides that, 2018 Honda Accord also comes with new grille that makes it look more awesome. Then, this 2018 Honda Accord coupe is also lighter in weight compared to the previous version. The sporty look also makes this car much more interesting. Overall, the exterior is predicted to be able to attract so many buyers.

For the interior, it will also have the bigger space that makes everyone comfortable to enter this car. 2018 Honda Accord interior also updates everything in relation to the features, systems, and technologies. You will find that there are lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, auto braking, collision warning, etc. You will also not be bored because there are so many entertainment features. For more detailed interior specs, it will be better to wait for the official launching because we do not have more information about it.

2018 Honda Accord Sport Engine and Specs

Honda Accord Sport will come with some engine options. The first is 1.5 liter of turbocharged 4 cylinder engine where it can produce up to 175 horsepower as well as 164 pounds feet of torque. Some other rumors say that it will be powered by 3.5 liter engine and V6 cylinder Turbocharged. Even more, there is great news that says where this future car will use hybrid engine that can deliver up to 215 horsepower. Anyway, it will be better that we wait until the official 2018 Honda Accord concept is announced next year.

2018 Honda Accord Sport Release Date

As it is mentioned before, this car is not launched and the release date is still unknown. However, many people believe that it will be launched in the early of 2018. However, you can also expect that it will have been released in the end of this year. So, you have to be patient to wait for it.

2018 Honda Accord Sport Prices

While waiting for the release date of this car, it will be better to guess the price. Because the fixed specs are unknown yet, it is difficult enough to guess the price. However, it is predicted that the price will start from about $ 30,000 for the base model whereas the higher models can be $ 40,000 or more. After paying attention to the review above, will you be interested in 2018 Accord Sport?

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