2018 Honda Accord Sedan: Improved Year By Year

In 2012, the recent 9th generation Honda Accord is produced. It gets a facelift two years later, in 2016. It is not exaggerating if the 10th generation is expected now, isn’t it? Moreover, Honda has produced a big hit previously; it is the latest edition of Civic. Therefore, it should be followed by the new edition that can join and compete in the market of sedan and midsize car. The good news is that the latest Honda Accord has been peeked; 2018 Honda Accord Sedan.

Accord’s Brief History

Accord is produced for the first time in 1976. At that time, it is famous for its four-door sedan variant. It also becomes one of the best-selling cars since 1989 in the US. Accord includes coupes, hatchbacks, crossovers, and wagons. As we will see the newest edition in 2018, we also expect more change that may surprise us. There are some key update changes like the additional turbocharged engine and new platform. Accord is also expected to have sportier and sleeker look with more comfort.

Accord’s Expected Exterior Change

Accord 2018 will apply its new design inside and outside the car. For the exterior changes, the rumor mentions that the arching roofline merges into its sloping window smoothly. It results an aggressively sleek profile. The corporate grille will also be new. It adorns Ridgeline truck and Pilot crossover which are larger than this car. Those exterior design features will make this car different and particular from its sibling, the new Civic. Furthermore, 2018 Accord is also expected to have stiffer and lighter Honda design. It brings many benefits for Accord’s dynamic qualities. It adapts Civic’s current cabin design. However, Accord’s cabin shape is more conservative.

Accord’s Estimated Exterior Change

What about the interior? Will it be comfortable? Will it have modern touch and new features? You may have realized that Civic becomes the inspiration of this model. Some updates are available here where Accord and Civic interior is combined. It will be super comfortable and mind blowing, for sure. The rumor also says that it will feature Honda Sensing active safety technology. It is the key piece for sedan marketing. It also makes Accord perfect for family. The safety features include automatic braking, collision warning, adaptive cruise help and active lane keeping. Those features make this car achieve IIHS Top Safety Pick. It also gets good rating on well-equipped models.

Engine Rumors

Is the engine updated? It is still unknown. Besides, there are various rumors, information and opinions about it. A rumor mentions that 2018 Honda Accord Sedan will be powered by a 1.5 L turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. It is the same engine with Civic and Civic can produce 162 lb-ft of torque and 174 HP. Accord is expected to produce more power with the same engine. The other opinion mentions that 3.5 L V6 engine will be replaced with 2.0 L turbocharged engine. The more good news is that you will see the Hybrid version of Accord that features 212 HP 4 cylinder engine plus an electric motor combo which is previously introduced in the previous year edition, 2017 Accord Hybrid. So, are you ready for newest Accord?

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