2018 Honda Accord Coupe Release Date

Talking about the popular mid-size sedan from Honda, the 2018 Honda Accord Coupe seems to be one of the most favorable series. This car comes with luxury design and it is really suitable for an office worker to look success. The size of the sedan also represents a good prosperity. Despite its appearance, this car also conceals a powerful performance. Now, I will show you the great performance which exists in this car and what changes which are given in the car.

2018 Honda Accord Coupe Exterior

The most noticed design of the new 2018 Accord is the coupe design. Mostly, this car is designed in four-door design and in this new design; the design comes with coupe style. The size of the exterior also grows larger in the new series. The grille is also made to be more aggressive with stronger luxury aura. The headlamp will grow smaller yet comes with sharper lining to give more dynamic and futuristic look. Rear window design also looks more aggressive.

2018 Honda Accord Coupe Interior

For the 2018 Honda Accord interior, the main concept will be the luxury appearance. The first addition is the room which grows wider as the car also grows bigger. The seats for 2018 Accord Coupe are upholstered with premium leather and it also comes with soft cushion to reduce vibration. The technology which is added in the car also makes the car get awesome. The navigation system, entertainment system, and infotainment system are installed well which make this car get crowned with the recognition of well-equipped car.

2018 Honda Accord Coupe Engine

Talking about the performance of the 2018 Honda Accord, here, the engine is supported with the 1.5 L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. This engine is powerful because it can produce up to 174 HP and 162 lf-ft for the torque. The optional engine is also given which is 2.0 Turbocharged engines which can provide greater power. The 2.0 Liter engine can produce up to 212 HP and it is also helped by the electric motor. With this combination, it is sure that the engine will be able to reduce the fuel consumption for better result.

The feature for the engine will be manual transmission. This manual transmission comes as the base feature for all series of 2018 Accord coupe. When you want to get better feature, you can get the automatic transmission which is placed as optional feature. For the 2018 Honda Accord concept in the drivetrain, the main offer will be the front-wheel drive. The other offer will be the all-wheel drive system which is also given as optional feature.

2018 Honda Accord Price and Release Date

Here, the 2018 accord release date is predicted to be somewhere in the end of 2017. There is no clear story which has mentioned the exact time of the release. For the price of the 2018 Honda Accord Coupe, the prices will start from $ 30,000 for the base model. For the next series, the price will goes up to $ 40,000 for the best series. You also need to add more funds when you want additional feature.

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