2018 Aura ILX Type-S: Engine, Design, Price, Arrival

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A Civic-based ILX small sedan is getting one more engine. More precisely, the new car will receive a completely new, high-end treatment, inside out, and under the hood. The car that we are largely expecting is the 2018 Aura ILX Type-S, and trust us, it will be truly amazing.

2018 Aura ILX Type-S

2018 Aura ILX Type-S: Engine and Transmissions

Thus far, the ILX was offering a sole powertrain which consists of a 2.4-liter four-cylinder, front-wheel drive, and a dual-clutch eight-speed automatic transmission. The unit is capable of delivering up to 201 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque. However, what’s far more important, the powertrain is enabling smooth and cozy drive, probably the best in the segment.

In the near future, the buyers will be able to afford the 2018 Aura ILX Type-S. Honda’s topping small sedan will get a 2.0-liter turbo engine, which is capable of pumping out more than 300 horsepower (most likely 306 hp). What’s more, the mill will come in a pair with two gearboxes. Believe it or not, the Japanese car manufacturer will re-introduce a six-speed manual and switch from 8- to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Even though the new auto transmission would be a wiser choice due to a smoother ride, we hardly wait to check out the manual model.

Styling and Features

Today’s ILX looks pretty nice, but regardless of the fact, the 2018 Aura ILX Type-S will get a completely different design. The car manufacturer will reportedly include more motion in the overall design, by adding a series of new exterior detail such as wider fenders, sleeker rooflines, and possibly a tail.

Inside, the Honda’s luxury division will work with high-end materials for sure. However, the overall cab will definitely look sportier that luxurious, due to special seats and sports steering wheels. The dash could use analogs, but the small sedan will definitely rely on the latest technologies, so you can expect class leading infotainment and entertainment technologies, as well as a series of active safety features, and perhaps some kind of semi-autonomous drive.

2018 Aura ILX Type-S

Price and Arrival

Judging by the information we have, the 2018 Acura ILX Type-S will be available in North America. Moreover, the fantastic small sedan should be officially introduced early next year. This means it will hit the dealerships by the end of the next summer. The price is unknown at the moment. However, since the current base model starts a bit south from $30K, the ILX Type-S will have to cost at least $40,000.

Source : www.2018hondamodels.com

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