2018 Acura NSX Type R Review

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Acura NSX is a sports car that is very popular in the world. It can be considered as one of the best sports cars. Every year, it comes with the new version and offers improvements. Even though it is still 2017, there is hot news which says that 2018 Acura NSX is in the process of producing. This news makes so many people curious about this future sports car. So, this article will discuss about its specs especially for the type R.

2018 Acura NSX Exterior Design

2018 Acura NSX type R comes with many changes compared to the previous version. It will look more aggressive. The changes can be seen from some parts. One of them is the lights that will come with LED lamps. Besides that, you can also notice that this future super car will have a wider body. Then, the tail wing is also updated so that Acura NSX becomes more attractive. In addition, the materials used are also lighter including for the wheels. Mostly, the body is made from aluminum. For the color, it will bring white dominant color combined with other colors like black or red.

2018 Acura NSX Interior Design

If you look at the interior, you will be amazed. There are so many features that will not make you bored. For example, you will find a touch screen in 8 inch width. Besides that, it will also come with climate control buttons. Then, the steering wheel does not only look sportier but is also more comfortable. In addition, it also applies aluminum pedals. The seats are also sporty and comfortable. Overall, 2018 NSX interior is really amazing. That is why you need to buy this car next year.

2018 Acura NSX Engine

Engine also belongs to the most important 2018 Acura NSX specs to discuss. This car is powered by Twin Turbo of 3.5 liter engine as well as V6 cylinder. It comes with direct injected powerplant. With this engine, it is believed that this car will be able to produce up to 503 horsepower and also 408 pounds feet of torque. Then, there will also be 3 electric motors offered. These 3 electric motors can add up to 125 horsepower. So, the total power can be more than 700 horsepower. This power is very great for a sport car.

2018 Acura NSX Release Date and Price

Before talking about 2018 NSX price, let’s know when this sports car will be released. The most believed rumor is that this sports car is going to be launched in the end of 2017. However, it will be better to wait for the official release date from the company.

How about the price? The price will probably start from about $ 200,000. Even though it is very expensive, however this price is reasonable enough considering the specs of this new Acura NSX. So, if have a plan to buy a new sports car, it will be a good idea for you to consider buying this amazing car.