2017 Honda Goldwing Is Perfect For Endless Journey

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The new 2017 Honda Goldwing is going to make a comeback. The first model was launched in 1975. Since it has been a reliable motorcycle, it also sets a niche in the motor world. This new bike features a classic theme while delivering utmost comfort. One of the most important highlight of the new Goldwing is its seating and cargo space which is useful on long journeys. All in all, the new changes in this model are worth addressing as it brings the best out of it.

2017 Honda Goldwing

2017 Honda Goldwing: New Features and Specs

This new 2017 Honda Goldwing has received an array of changes that have been aimed on delivering a great riding experience. It is meant for traveling and discovering and to emphasize on such, the seats are plush, have heating function and can be adjusted. These seats are also waterproof.

Moreover, the five position grips are heated, and footrests have warming system. The fairings have been optimized to bring the best out of aerodynamics. All these luxury features makes this model to be a great choice indeed. This new motorcycle comes with an array of color choices which include red, silver, blue and white.

This 2017 Goldwing is also supposed to come with an advanced instrumentation with an revamped infotainment system possibly with a new TFT screen.

2017 Honda Goldwing

Suspension and Engine

One of the biggest highlight of this 2017 Goldwing is its suspension system which uses a leading link. Unlike the conventional leading link system, the compression of this suspension makes way for a rearward movement. This is similar to the effect of conventional forks.

To provide an element of anti-dive, the vertical link and brake caliper has been provided with an additional linkage. As this innovative suspension system also uses a single shock, this opens up more scope for variable ride height and electronic damping control.

This 2017 Honda Goldwing is powered by an 1830 cc engine that uses an SOHC valvetrain. Its bore and stroke goes out as 74 mm and 71 mm respectively. Its compression ratio goes as 9.8:1. Also to note out, this engine has been placed in a longitudinal direction.

A 5-speed transmission system has been used with this engine. Some sources have also said that a hybrid drive system could be featured in this new model which seems too good to be true.


Honda seems to be very serious when it comes to safety. This bike has been equipped with safety features like anti-locking braking system, cruise control, combined braking system, and electric reverse. The windshield has also been modified to ensure utmost safety.

2017 Honda Goldwing

Availability and Price

According to several sources and insiders, this 2017 Honda Goldwing is coming during the last quarters of 2016. Alternatively, it might so happen that this model arrives in the dealerships during the 1st quarters of 2017. As to its price, expect the standard price to be $25,000, and it might go up to $30,000, depending of the equipment.

Source : www.2018hondamodels.com

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