2017 Honda Fit Review & Changes

Compact car is always pleasing moreover when it comes with great features. Here, the new 2017 Honda Fit is something which will give you more pleasure because from its very design, it has provided many kinds of facilities. The new design is not only made with greater look now, there are many other additional equip which are ready to make you happy. Now, here are the full explanation of the matter of 2017 Honda Fit configurations.

Exterior of 2017 Honda Fit

In the first part, let us talk about the outside look of the Honda Fit. The main design of chassis comes with the idea of versatile appearance which is more dynamic and aerodynamic. The main look of this car is the pragmatic one with the squat hatchback design. The roofline is long and it is well combined with the stubby and short hood design. The hatchback itself is not for show because it has a large cabin to store many stuff.

Interior of 2017 Honda Fit

In the interior, the comfort and the safety are optimized here. The 2017 Honda Fit XL, which is the base design, has also been designed with well equips here. The seats are set in the magic seat design where it can be flipped backward or upward. This can increase the flexibility of this car greatly as its size is small. In the safety feature, Honda Fit also comes with the automatic emergency braking which is quite safety. There are also many standard technologies which are installed for entertainment and information too in this car.

The Engine of 2017 Honda Fit

Talking about the performance, for you who love to have a relaxing ride, The 2017 Fit has provided more than what you can imagine. The engine is the 1.5 liter inline 4-cylinder. This engine is combined with the manual six-speed gearbox transmission to acquire cozy ride. The power which can be produced by this car is about 130 ponies and 114 lb-ft. The excellent part of this series, compared to Honda Fit 2015 or other version, is the fuel consumption which is quite thrifty. If you love to have other option, the transmission can be requested with the CVT system.

The Price of 2017 Honda Fit

For the price, you surely get a worthy price here. 2017 Fit is a thrifty car so you will not have a great lost when you use this car everyday. This is the most ideal choice for daily car. The price itself starts from $ 16,090 for the base LX with manual transmission and $ 20, 365 for the CVT EX-L series. Every time you add more features, you need to add more money too.

As you see, 2017 Honda Fit is quite reliable. It is a car for you and for your small family. This car is a good companion for your way to work moreover when you are living in a crowd city. Its compact size will provide you with good maneuver for finding a shortcut to your office.

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