2017 Honda Civic Sedan Specs & Changes

Coming to this year Honda has been prepared to release a new version of 2017 Honda Civic Sedan. Of course this new style successfully makes people curious about this. Coming with beautiful color that looks cheerful and magnificent makes the design just looks absolutely amazing. The precious engine system makes the whole performance becomes even completed. Honda is not just release one type for this series. There are several types that will make people become even more glad and happy. The Coupe, the Touring, and the Hatchback are the types that complete the production. Then, the specification of this precious car is written below.

The Specification of 2017 Honda Civic Sedan

The Honda Civic Sedan is a well-build car that gets a well design with precise model. The steering, chassis, and suspension are built with a great composition, creating a comfortable and best handling performance. Both the standard model and the 2017 Honda Civic Coupe are made with accurate design. The high technology system on the power-train also made a big improvement on the speed and power car’s performance. The power is lifted to 158 hp with 2.0 liter and four inline power-train and gets higher up to 174 hp with 1.5 turbo four pair and six manual systems.

This car gives two different model of engine machine that are appropriate for people’s choice. Both 2.0 liter and 1.5 liter can give a great performance on the road. The manual speed or the CVT also gives the same amazing power. Several people may still confuse about the models of the car especially the Civic series. To give a clear help for you, the turbo model in the civic series is the same name for the Hatchback which is so popular. The 2017 Honda Civic especially the Hatchback version is the higher model people can buy for Civic era.

This car uses the engine system but giving more powerful result. This car is also being release with a sport version that can produce higher number of horse power. The horse power for the sport model goes to 180 hp. As for the EPA, this car shows the result up to 31 / 42 mpg on the city and the highway. Meanwhile the speed of this car is incredible. On 0-60 test this car can run up to 6.9 sec in a high speed. The top speed that Honda Civic can reach is around 126 mph, really amazing. Some people may enjoy the Coupe version or the standard version, but some people may also love this 2017 Honda Civic Touring as well as the hatchback that has rumored to have bright future.

The Future of Honda Civic Hatchback

Honda has been produced many excellent cars since long. The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback is also counted as the best one car production that raises people’s hope and expectation. This year Honda announces that there is a good vibes for the next car release. The talk is about the future of the hatchback series that will over print a positive record. The rumor says that this car will break a good record of sales production up to 50.000 units per year since the release. Of course many people will expect a good performance.

On the visual design, both the interior and the exterior this car is coming up with amazing look. The tracks level trim for this series comes with two different models. Those are the general types like LX/EX/EX-L model and the other one is the sport/sport touring. The excellent premium look is seen due to the high class material attached there such as the faux-carbon trim with premium leather on the gear-shifter as well as the steering wheel. The aluminum pedals also included to give an elegant look to the body of this car. The 2017 Honda Civic Sedan is made with a well-made turbo-charge and engine system technology. Thus it can perform a great performance for the driver.

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