2017 Honda African Twin: A Revamped and Exciting Adventure-Tourer

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Motorcycle market relies on Honda to give a product which simply raises the bar. They have done so in case of super sports with the CBR1000R, the 450R in motocross; and now they have an all-new ADV for an offer in the form of this just released 2017 Honda African Twin. ADVs have been in the market for quite some time, mostly from Bavarian and Austrian stables such as KTM, CSC, BMW, etc. Honda wants to make its presence felt in the top-half of this segment with this new 2017 Honda African Twin.

2017 Honda African Twin

2017 Honda African Twin: Engine and Transmission

Honda’s reliable and powerful 4-stroke 8-valve Unicam powers this bike. Specific displacement is at 998 cc. A typically parallel-twin structure, a 270-degree crank gives this engine a dynamic tuning, very important for an adventure and touring motorcycle. A twin air-intake system with twin vertical filtration gives cleaner pass exhaust passage and thereby increased efficiency and more power.

An estimated 93 HP output is more than quite enough to make this bike reach 100 mph on short dirt straights. There’s enough torque to propel out of corners faster than the rider may think, especially with its state-of-the-art TCS (traction control system). Bore and stroke come in at 92 mm x 75 mm.

A wet, multi-plate, aluminium cam assisted slipper clutch with coil springs are perfect for off-terrain conditions which require powerful and accurate shifts enduring tough gear changes. And there are 6 shifts to go from naught.

An optional DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) is available on the top variant. This is a section where Honda stands alone with pride. Doing away with clutch and shift levers, ECU controlled automatic shifting is something that no other bike provides; this is something that may give this 2017 Honda African Twin a nice little lunge forward among enthusiasts.

The ECU also provides 3 modes, each with adjustable torque control systems along with an option to switch it off.

2017 Honda African Twin

2017 Honda African Twin Handling, Ride and Features

  • 45mm Pro-Link Dual Front Shocks with 9.0 inches travel.
  • Single-shock Pro-Link rear suspension with 8.7 inches travel.

Adjustable shocks and suspension is something that every Adventure bike ought to have and so does this. Considered among the best production suspensions in the market, Honda has again concentrated on maneuverability over sheer blunt power and this model, just like its predecessors, has one of the best reviews as per their loyal customer base and beyond.

Honda has always been innovative, integrating aspects into products which no other manufacturer thought of doing. And they’ve done the same with this 2017 African Twin, e.g. – its ‘Twin’ fuel tanks. Other than the quintessential titanium fuel tank in the chassis, there’s an additional albeit smaller one placed below the seat at the rear providing additional range. Although there’s no specific data about the additional tank, the front chassis provides for a 5-gallon capacity.


What Honda wants to do with this model is make it a jack-of-all-trades. There are very few machines which can beat the output of a KTM 1190 which comes in at an estimated 130 hp. It’s a huge step ahead from the CRF250Ls and similar models.

So, this might just fill in the void perfectly while competing with models ahead of it. This 2017 Honda African Twin is just where it belongs; be-’twin’ the kids and the men. Perhaps that’s what makes it better. Time will tell.

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