2017 Honda Accord Sedan Review

Sophisticated and powerful are the trends that now days being attached to the new release car like what has happened to 2017 Honda Accord Sedan. This car never fails to amaze people with its beautiful design that beyond standard since the first time released forty years ago. This year Honda brings up again the new style of sophisticated and fabulous car with more various colors, features and new engine machine system. Starting from the features all of the aspect is discussed below.

The New Honda Accord Sedan

Honda Sedan 2017 comes with more enjoyable features that makes driver becomes comfortable when driving yet still gets powerful speed. There is 10-way power seat that is available with various useful features. The high tech features that have been attached here are the dual zone with climate control system, back-up sensors and the remote engine start system II, as well as the wireless phone charger. The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid is coming back with highly valuable engine system. The power-train that has been attached to this car is the 6-speed manual system with 2.4 liter and 4-cylinder engine.

Meanwhile driver can load more powerful performance by adding CVT automatic with 2.4 liter and 4-cylinde engine only $800. The mpg rating shows the level number at 47/49 mpg on the city and the high way. The horse power reaches a great number level at 212 hp and the torque reaches at 6200 rpm. There are four type of Honda Accord 2017 that coming with different spec and showing different performance as well.

The Specification and the Model of Honda Accord 2017

There are four models of Honda Accord Sedan that will captivate people’s eyes. The types are the LX series, the Sport, the EX model, and the Sport Special Edition. Each of them comes with different specs. The LX comes with standard feature like i-VTEC of 4 cylinder engines with 6 speed manual transmissions that are available with Honda Sensing and Bluetooth. The power-train produces 185 hp. The sport model uses i-VTEC of 4-cylinder engine with 10-way power driver’s seat and 60/40 split fold down rear seats. The 19 inch alloy wheels give a good impression. The power-train produces 189 hp.

The next model for this Honda Accord is the EX model that comes with the standard machine that has been attached to LX model. It means the engine system for LX and EX is same. However, there are several addition on the EX model which are not available on the LX model. The features are one touch power moon-roof, Honda Lane Watch, mart Entry, Push Button Start, and t17 inches Alloy Wheels. The Special Edition model uses the same engine system with the Sport model but there are some addition features like the leather trimmed seating, red stitching, heated front seats. All of the models are drawn with great interior that makes 2017 Honda Accord interior incredibly beautiful.

The Price of Honda Accord 2017

As there are various models for this series, the price for each model is also different. The lower price for this model is the LX that comes with $22.000. It makes this model becomes the cheapest among other model. Then the next one is the Sport model that has been sold around $24.000. Meanwhile the two next models which are the EX and the Special Edition are the expensive ones. The prices for both of these cars are around $25.000. Even though there are various price for 2017 Honda Accord price but it is highly valuable since all of them comes with great and exclusive performance. This makes 2017 Honda Accord Sedan becomes one of the best sedan car ever.

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