2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Specs

From year to year Honda always frequently release various series of sedan car including the Hybrid version that has been introduced firstly in 1999 and had a break around 2016 then coming back again by releasing the super mega precious new 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid which is ready to captivate people’s heart. Honda Accord Hybrid review is stop around 2016 due to a movement factory which is settled on Ohio and then move to Japan. In a year the development of this hybrid does not stop, even getting evaluated and developed in many aspects. The result of the hiatus is the coming back of the brilliant sedan car with compete and perfect specifications.

The Specification of Honda Accord Hybrid 2017

The new Honda Accord has different design which makes it looks fresh. Not only about the design that makes it looks beautiful and highly appreciated since the engine system get some development especially the using of the new technology system, making a great result in the road. This car will be different from the beginning as it uses the model of dedicated plug-in car. The new technology that is used here is called as 2 motor hybrid systems which mean the car uses the 2.0 liter and four cylinder engines and geared to the motor generator directly through a clutch in a computer-controlled.

The motor generator exists in two different modes in this 2017 Honda Accord. The first one which is called as a motor-generator works together with the second generator. There is no battery charge on this car since the engine is different and by the both type of machines the electricity can be produced This car will have a lithium – ion in a battery pack and there is also two-motor driveline which makes a great result and movement for the car. The best thing is the fact that this sedan will have a new 2.0 liter of Atkinson-cycle and four-cylinder engine system that combine together with two AC motor.

The Speed and EPA Mileage

Due to this excellent engine system idea then the power of this sedan car can be charged up to 2012 horse power. This number is higher than the previous series. The EPA mileage rating gets improvement than before. The mpg in the city reaches up to 49 and the mpg in the highway turns up to 47. Meanwhile the combination is 48 mpg. This sedan car is a type of 5-passenger car with 4 doors. The car’s body is created with a front engine and front wheel drive. The complete turbo-charged for this sedan is including the accessories makes 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid touring becomes more powerful, smooth, and fluent. Honda Accord Hybrid is just a complete and perfect sedan to run.

The Hybrid Powertrain

There is no doubt for Honda to create and excellent hybrid type car. Even though the Honda Accord Hybrid 2016 stays on hiatus and off – production a year before but then the car company makes a breakthrough by releasing an excellent and chasing great hybrid sedan car. Starting from the design, the interior and the exterior which are both well-design and incredibly fresh and youth, a light f masculine approach on this car. Meanwhile the hybrid power-train in this sedan is included the DOHC 16-valve with an Atkinson – cycle 2.0 liter new technology system. There is an inline- 4 that can produce the horse power up to 143 hp and 129 lb-ft.

A permanent magnet is included in the machine arrangement. The Honda Hybrid uses synchronous AC electric motor that help the car train more speed and power. Due to this technology the horsepower and the torque are level up to 181 hp and 232 lb-ft. This combination power reaches the rating to 212 hp with 1.3 kWh-lithium ion and the battery pack. The transmission uses 1 –speed direct drive without any much transmission. This makes the shiftiness becomes even more enjoyable and easier. The price for this sedan is different depends on the type. For the base standard, the price is around $30.000, the EX-L is $33.000, and the touring is $36.000.

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