2017 Honda Accord Coupe Specs & Review

Have you ever had ferocious car with beautiful shape designs just like this 2017 Honda Accord Coupe? If yes then you are lucky since this car is the greatest sedan car ever that comes with truly excellent performance and magnificent performance. The types that come with four models also give a good option for people to choose their best car. How are the engine systems that have been used on this car, also what kind of full specification that has been attached here? All of the information is given below.

The Power-train of Honda Accord Coupe Models

The standard engine system that has been attached on this car is the 6 speed manual engine system with 2.4 liter and 4 cylinders engine. However the driver can add more power-train to give more powerful performance by giving CVT automatic with 2.4 liter and 4 cylinders engine only for $850. The great news is the fact that the Honda Accord Coupe comes with four different models with different specs. It has been announced the exact model for the next 2018 Honda Accord but for 2017 series the info has been announced.

2017 Honda Accord will have four different model that uses different title as well. Those are the LX-S model, the S model, the EX-L model, and the EX-L V-6 model. Each of them comes with different specifications. The LX-S model comes is the standard model that comes with i-VTEC 4 cylinder engine system with 6 speed manual transmission. This power-train allows high horse power at 185 hp. This model has several features like the Honda sensing, Bluetooth, and Hands-free-link that are available on free. The next model is the EX that has similar engine system. Even though the EX has similar model, eventually it has different touches and features like one-touch power moon-roof, Honda Lane Watch, Smart Entry, Push Button Start, and the new technology system of 10 way of power driver’s seat.

Meanwhile the EX-L type comes with all of the features in the EX-L but it gets several addition like premium leather trimmed seating with leather wrapped steering wheel. The heated front and the auto dimming mirror are also available as well. The last model of 2017 Honda Coupe is the EX-L V6 that comes with all features and same power-train with EX-L but it gets other features like i-VTEC V6 engine system with 6-speed manual transmission that comes with dual exhaust out-lets. The horsepower gets higher up to 278 hp. The exterior and the interior of this car is made with amazing shape which makes this car looks totally sophisticated.

The Interior, Exterior, and Features

The Honda Accord Coupe 2016 is incredibly beautiful. However the new 2017 is more amazing than the previous generation. From the exterior and the interior, the look of Honda Coupe looks captivated and beautiful. There are three different exterior colors that sparkle like the crystal black, pearl still night, and the pearl white orchid. Meanwhile the interior color for this car looks elegant with black cloth. The feature for this car is also rich with new high-technology like body size molding, car cover, deck-lid spoiler, door edge film, door edge guards, and LED fog lights. Then how is about the price?

The Price of 2017 Honda Accord Coupe

The price for 2017 Honda Accord Coupe is different depends on the model that you buy. The range price of this car starts from $24.000 to $31.000. Of course the 2017 Honda Accord price can get higher if you use another feature addition. The price for the LX-S is around $24.000. Then the EX model price is around $ 26.000. The price for EX-L model is around $29.000 while the EX-L V6 is around $31.000. This makes the LX-S as the cheaper and the lower one while the EX-L V6 is the expensive model.

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