2017 Acura RDX Specs & Review

Generally, 2017 Acura RDX is successfully promoting their identity through the front grille. This can be seen that people are recognizing this version with fender arches. The highlight is equipped with 5 LEDs which is arranged in line like diamond of the wedding ring. Other lights are only functioned as the sign for turning and braking with different colors. The overall light is designed quite well by following the characteristic of the arches grille like V formation.

Engine and package

2017 Acura RDX review report that it is lined up with the engine of V-6 in 3.5 liter. This is attached by the power booster slightly. In a result, it produces 279 horsepower and 252 pound torque-feet. Right now, its rivals have empowered their model with turbocharge to push maximally the potential strength. Even though it does not play the turbo tech, we can keep shuffling since V-6 is quite strong to beat it. This engine does not decrease its performance even the downshift. It can be proof in the acceleration to swift for stop-and-go in traffic. This is undeniable link since the RDX handle is like a well-tuned for Sedan.

Then, Acura RDX uses the additional option for the wheel drive system, namely AWD. This intelligent system is able to send power to push in the rare wheel rather than SH-AWD system. Under its system, it can improves the stability and balance the handling quickly. At the same time, the overall size of this vehicle allows a maneuverable perform to defeat a narrow part and a traffic jump. 2017 Acura RDX technology package is available choice. This will help us to fit the budget and the system, technology, or the entertainment that we need.

As the example, 2017 Acura RDX advance package is completed with AWD technology. The price is ranged up to $43.609 and the technology inside it includes navigation, Bluetooth, USB port, and adaptive cruise control. They are the upgraded system in its level. However, another range up a bill $40,808. This will miss the adaptive cruise control only.

Pros and Cons

Some claim that Acura RDX is not recommended because there are some questioned parts. That will influence the capability, safe, and security. Some of them regards to the back seat in which the size is little cramped. Second is that the rare sear is not is fold-flat appearance. Not only that, the problem also moves to the annoying audio which keeps the ‘beeps’ if forward the sound. Instead of small in size, the audio is too tiny for a car. In fact, the sound does not hit the ears well. Perhaps, this complain may change the story in the next prototype.

However, there are some parts in 2017 RDX that we have to consider as the most appreciations. They are the smooth ride. The shock-breakers absorb the shake on the hard road. The engine is too smooth to hear. Those qualities are hard to find with small budget. The last, it is the agile handling as stated before is the magnificent system to comfort the driver.

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