2017 Acura MDX Review & Price

We always admire and keep shuffling if our friends have an adventure and they post it on Facebook. This is just like 2017 Acura MDX which introduces the new releasing beast with latest model of front grille. This is a common secret that Acura tries to promote their identity with inelegant shield as the beak. On the previous design, it has created the three row diamond of MDX version crossover and well-known as the diamond pentagon. Apart of that, it is emerged in 2017.

Pros and cons

2017 Acura MDX review reports that this nose does not play well and nothings emphasize a distinctive element. This is not significant material to give characters on the SUV. Even,  MDX is called more cartoonish with no clear and bizarre appearance. In contrast, another still believes that this design is more powerful and functioned well to have an aerodynamic. This can be analyzed from the general body landscape and the curves.

Without ignoring the SUV version, it still maintains the aggressive looks and the sharps curve in some parts. Especially, it is on the fenders, the hood, and the rare non-active spoilers. In this case, the air will flow over the roof or it comes in the grille. 2017 MDX works only to keep the balance of the vehicle and gives the extra speed. Another thing is this mid SUV has a lack of technology. This is a touchscreen is not quit friendly for user because of the graphic and subpar. The cabin is less luxurious that the rival in its level. They could be Volvo XC90, BMW X5 and Audi Q7.

However, MDX reminds to the entertaining driving since it is a sophisticated of super handling All-Wheel Drive approach (SH-AWD). Or, we can prefer another powertrain choice like Front-Wheel Drive (FWD). This mid-SUV is equipped with the direct injection of 3.5 L in V-6 with 9-speed transmission automatically. These qualities are working to reach a peak of the top speed in 290 mph. This system will allow the rear wheel to push and gives the differential of torque vectoring. Another thing is the smooth sound and confident acceleration with V6 engine even though it is in 2017 Acura MDX technology package.


2017 Acura MDX technology and entertainment package is two out of three packages. For the entertainment concern, this regards to enter the suit multimedia for the passengers. The rest, it is the intelligent and connected package. This refers to the integration and the connectivity navigation fits with any digital life. The fully loaded of MDX SH-AWD, it has a range up price in $59,390. There is a huge gap of the cost to Q7 or XC90 which is $70,000.

Moreover, Acura MDX can be sold under $50,000 which is for short middle ground. Perhaps, the design is slightly different from the true luxury, but it is obviously above the mainstream brands. Also, it remains the capacity for 7 people, competent on the road, and recommended for the acceleration. All these attributes are really recommended for the family car.

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